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First of all, thanks for coming to my site. My hope is that the time you spend here is worthwhile. If you find some sort of inspiration, I'm pleased. If you find reason to give me a call to handle a project or two, then I'm thrilled.

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What the Helipad?


I’ve had a lot of experience in developing brands. I’ve also done a good bit of work creating positioning for those brands, writing taglines and designing logos. Many of them can be seen throughout the world. So why did I rip off the universal symbol for “Land Here” and call it my own? Repurposing the familiar can have a great deal of value in establishing instant recognition. Putting a twist on phrases, idioms, and visuals by drawing upon the collective experience of our culture is also a puzzle I love to tackle. Take a look at my portfolio and you’ll see a few examples of how adopting the familiar, with a twist, can result in very effective solutions. 

What I Am

What I Do

I went to one of the best art schools in the country. I also got a full ride at the School of Visual Arts in NYC where I was trained by Milton Glaser. Design is important to me and I've spent my life striving to be exceptional at creating it. I've won a bunch of awards along the way, even have a piece in a museum. Turn me loose with the Creative Suite, and great things will happen.

I've often been asked, as a Creative Director, what discipline do I come from. Are you a designer or writer? I've spent most of my career training myself to be both. I believe that the design and copy are not separate elements, they are part of the same organism. Crisp, witty headlines are just as exciting to me as a beautiful photo or groundbreaking use of type and color. When copy and art work together, that's magic.

I've had a real knack for finding and hiring great raw talent. I can see it from a mile away. I've brought out the best in these people, allowing them to be true to their own personal goals while producing work that makes a measurable impact on the client's business. The benefit of taking the time to teach is that, along the way, you learn quite a lot.

What I Deliver



Why Choose Me? Because I...

What Colleagues Say


Deliver inventive design utilizing expertise in CS6


Write crisp copy and dynamic headlines 


Create captivating campaigns for big brand clients


Interpret research-driven consumer marketing strategies


Over-deliver on expectations


Work collaboratively with, and influence, peers and management


Am immersed in pop culture (brands, television, film, and sports, etc)


Manage rapid changes in fast paced and time-sensitive client engagements


Build and inspire world-class creative teams


Manage vendor relationships and negotiation

I worked for Kevin for years and I'm writing to let you know that he is an outstanding creative talent with exceptional concepting and design skills. Above all, Kevin is an innovative thinker—the kind of guy who busts open the box when everyone else is stuck inside.


Any creative team would be better off with Kevin on it.

Ed Shankman, Chief Creative Officer, Natrel USA

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