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In today’s health care environment, doctors are being pushed to their limits to provide the very best care while keeping their practice healthy. Novartis needed a way for their pharma reps to target these practices in a way that placed less stress on the doctors. The brain child: a series of influence programs for the practice nurse. These programs were such an immediate success that Novartis implemented them across all of their oncology drugs.


Sickle Cell disease presents serious treatment challenges. Many sufferers have difficulty obtaining consistent care, which is dangerous because the treatment, blood transfusions, can lead to life-threatening complications. Patients, especially those with unreliable treatment records, can suffer from a deadly transfusion-related condition known as iron overload. Novartis came to my company for a patient education strategy. We developed grass roots programs that reached out to heavily affected communities through local events offering testing, education, and reasons to learn.

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